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The Cool Japan of Cool JAPAN Guide

Cool JAPAN Guide, called the Cool Japan what is only in Japan.We, called the Cool Japan what only Japanese have.

 Unique culture Japan has been evaluated in the world.Manga and anime, I will refer to fashion, pop culture, tradition, such as washoku(Japanese food) and Urushi crafts, culture over a wide range, such as consumer electronics.

Cool JAPAN Guide Hokusai Red Fuji Logo

Design of Cool JAPAN Guide

 Cool Japan Guide site logo, uses a Fuji famous Hokusai and Hiroshige in ukiyo-e. Sunrise of red is the color of the Japanese flag.Text fonts, you have the image of a "golden country Zipangu"."Red and white" and "golden" in the "Mt. Fuji" and "Japanese national flag" is a "better fortune" and "what luck is good" for the Japanese.

In Japan, there is Mount Fuji faith.

I have faith Mount Fuji as the god of the mountain.There is a divine favor of luck If you look at the sunrise of Mount Fuji.

Auspicious Cool JAPAN Guide is a look at the good logo Good luck I am praying that there is to you too.

Cool JAPAN Guide purpose of web site publishing

 Cool JAPAN Guide was opened as a web site as a guide book that useful when you tourist or to stay in Japan in order to know the such as "history and culture" and "technology" of Japan.

 The guide contents are posted publish content cited what we staff has been reported in the books and media that are issued in addition to that experienced in Japan to participate in the Cool JAPAN Guide.

 When you travel to Japan, when you want to stay, we have launched this website in the hope that it will serve you even a little when you live.

 I support the multilingual

 The site content, in order to respond to a number of mobile devices and, as far as possible, such as "Script" will have to not use.

If you look in the country of words of you, we have established a computer automatic translation tool. Please select the country of you at the position on the page of this site.
 If there is no display, please translation in their native language in the right-click menu to select drag the part you want to automatic translation. When the right-click menu does not appear, please received the support of the browser manufacturer.

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