Cool JAPAN Guide advertising guidelines

Cool JAPAN Guide is, ads that show you the people of readers, then to protect the criteria for publication, to manage its contents.

For ad policies that appeal to sell

 Cool JAPAN Guide is, banner advertising and alliances article seeking direct sales does not open to the public. Ready for content to be directly connected to the basket system it does not.

 Our site is a non-profit information site that writer of volunteers to contribute.Your and donations, I am operating in support of sponsors. It is free readers see.Basic to you Yuki expand the Cool JAPAN Guide to view and Views of the content.Thank you that you give us a warm your support and understanding.

Definition of non-profit site

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Content that is posted publicly, publish their own information in the original, public institutions as related information, such as the site where you can see an article to be published and professionals and organizations with a global qualification basically free I will say the.

"FaceBook" and "Twitter" in the SNS service,if the registered user of use page such as "Google" does not appear directly ads, you determined that the non-profit site.

About publishing your comments

 Blog that offers free web hosting system, you have most of the site is an advertisement displayed on the obligation.
Personal and or web system providers in the web site operation is doing the paid advertising of products that use the affiliate program in return for free use, if you are profitable to me for a such as "bannerad" to the content , even if the user is not a non-profit even offers free use of content without receiving the advertising fee.
 In the case of a such a site, Cool JAPAN Guide editorial department is not able to publish valuable gotten from readers "trackbacks" and "Comment".

This is an example of it can not be said that the non-profit site.

 Has posted the products and the provision of advertising, such as peripheral devices as a web site related
information that explains the operation, such as how the product If you click on the online advertising you are linking directly to the basket system or traffic to online shopping.

 I have to introduce such copyrighted material as related information in a particular writers and talent fan page.If you do not have to declare that it has posted the content even without links to the basket system and online shop my intention.

 TFree bulk quote request site, has its own description, such as comparison site listed.If you plan to post the content is not clearly expressed.


Affiliate Program only sites, such as links, not the unique content.

In the case of Japanese site, there is an unnatural expression at the discretion of our editorial board how to use the grammar and vocabulary.

Pre-service site contents will guide how Cool JAPAN Guide of judgment or profit does not provide.

Commercial (profit) Specific examples of purpose of site

In Cool JAPAN Guide I will post a profit of site as an example such as concrete as follows.

Sale of goods

Goods sold in stores and online.
Sale of goods Goods sold in stores and online.

 Advertising company itself - corporate, company, shop, online shop, etc. Homepage It should be noted that the view of the site for free, affiliate also the site to earn money with ads, if it contains such as links, to determine the commercial (profit) purposes.
In addition, sites that contain a link of the site link is installed the system with the settlement function also as a commercial (profit) purposes.

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