Cool Japan Guide of content usage guide

A. Content browsing is free.

1.As Japanese guide book, it is also free to watch as a reference.

2.It is also free to be saved in your computer system if and only private use.

3.The printer peripherals of personal computers without the purpose of distribution or reprinted free if only to output a hard copy.

B.Range of free use of the quote and the link set

Cool JAPAN Guide Logo Hokusai FujiQuote of Cool Japan guide content is free if you observe the following conditions.

4.Quote destination web site, must be a site of non-profit purposes or news purposes.
 Non-profit whether the judgment, Web server the web site of the quote destination are stored Follow the instructions in the country that is physically installed law.
When the decision is not to tell is a author "Cool Japan guide side of judgment" takes precedence.

5.Content of citation destination must be have been posted to the public in a fair perspective.

6.Quote destination web site, must be a content the content is related to the "Cool Japan" or "Japanese culture".

7."Cool Japan Guide" and must be accurately posted a "URL" there is a quote source of the content as "credit" that indicates the author and citation original web site name.

8.Please have credit of typefaces and colors published by the same policy as published content that cite web site and egulations.

9.Credit, allows only spell of "quote from Cool JAPAN Guide" or "quote from Cool JAPAN Guide article".

10.If you want to set the link to quote the original URL to post as a credit, you must be the only "Cool Japan Guide" and quote the original URL targeting of web site name.Installation of "code" related to the crawler search site does not allow.
 Quote and the link installation is free if you can observe the conditions of when you quote above.

C.Unauthorized citation is paid

Failure to license conditions when this quote, do not protected when you "quote", it becomes the unauthorized citation.

If you have unauthorized citation, you can claim with a payment deadline period that we have confirmed the $ 300 in US dollars per day from the date of the public to be installed as all counted content usage fee. Unauthorized cited users, will pay up to what reason and payment deadline also unconditionally if there are circumstances.

Those who quote the content of this site, to allow only if you have permission unconditionally to determine the contents noted and cool Japan guide the editorial board of this page. Cited user also can not be used when there is no intention to approve the conditions under which this reference.

When this guideline is effective for you

Guidelines that are posted on this page, published in date that describes the line under the following is valid.

Guidelines of this page is, when that becomes effective you is when the web site content of Cool JAPAN Guide( to the you of the computer system or web device has been display. At the time of displaying the content and you of the thoughts and intentions by licensed use conditions at your own risk of you regardless is tied between the Cool JAPAN Guide. If the you does not agree to the guidelines of this page, please immediately canceled withdrawal from this site to use.
Cool JAPAN Guide site, service towards no consent or license will reject.

To read the details of self-responsibility, please visit Go to related sites "iWebhs Domain Services" by clicking this link.

Definition of self-responsibility principle

Temporary Internet files that were incorporated into the computer system of the You, please delete the
self-responsibility from "browsing history" of the You of the browser menu.

Created January 11, 2015
February 3, 2015 published


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