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Guidance to the Cool Japan Guide site become available you.

 Cool JAPAN Guide, you can see for free. If and only range to be used by only individuals who do not distribute or publish the purpose you will find the service of Cool JAPAN Guide to use for free.The content of this site is a web site that does not for the purpose of profit to inform the "Cool Japan" information for people who want to know the Japan only volunteer participants.

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Cool JAPAN Guide is a non-profit operation.

 The cost to operate the web site, our donations and investment,
we have operated only with information about the Japanese products and online
advertisers to recommend.

 Staff which will guide, only born and raised Japanese in the Kanto and Kansai region region of Japan in by managing this web site has published to make the content.

For now English and French because foreign language does not weave good staff I am using a machine translation of all non-Japanese was using a computer song. 
Materials were helpful to make the content, are posted at the end of the content.

Capable of displaying device

 This site content, personal computing songs, tablet, mobile, PlayStation, available online game terminals, such as the Nintendo DS.
Digital television, it is possible to watch even a smart TV.
Is there when you can not see depending on the model and browser. In this case, please refer to the full browser mode.

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 You can not use commercial purpose.

Financial information, if there is content related to securities investment general, etc., and those were the only purpose the guidance and information provided by Japanese culture, securities investment, it is not the purpose of financial instruments purchase or solicitation.

 This website, but the site editor will have to create an article on the basis of the information or the like seem reliable, Towazu the transition and the course, natural, partly artificial events, the general results do not guarantee such. It does not assume responsibility for the trafficking and its assets or damage suffered by the listed information.

The purpose of Cool JAPAN Guide published article

 Cool JAPAN Guide is created as a web site of Cool Japan Guide purpose, one that is operational, its contents are those of the media and Internet coverage point has been posted.
 For more information about the handling of the content posted public standards and personal information, I am carefully.
For more details, please refer to the following policy.All has become the setting of the site in the link. That there is no set of link is currently being edited. 


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